April Anastasia Kostner


Since beginning my dance and movement studies I have been intrigued with underlying movement patterns, dance&health, which brought me to Rolfing. Rolfing SI did not only support my physical wellbeing and growth in my artistic process, it also helped me as a human. Now I want to contribute to the wellbeing of the human community. I am happy to help anyone who wants to improve their performance, as well as people with strain, fatigue or chronic pain seeking for support. Contact me for questions or requests via the form below!

Die gebürtige Ladinerin erhielt ihre Ausbildung zur Bühnentänzerin in Linz und London, wobei sie schließlich mit einen Master of Arts an der Hochschule in Frankfurt abschloss. Seit 2012 ist sie freischaffende Tänzerin und im In- und Ausland an Projekten beteiligt. Sie tanzte u.a. für Les Gents D’Uterpan (FR), Jonathan Burrows (UK), Thierry De Mey (BE), Roberto Castello (IT), Arch 8 (NL) und Eldarin Yeong Studio (UK). In Südtirol war sie bei der Südtiroler Tanzkooperative im Rahmen des Festivals Alpsmove (Martina Marini, Doris Plankl, Gabriella Maiorino, Evelin Stadler) sowie im Tanz Bozen Festival 2015 mit ihrem eigenen Kurzstück „Into another body“ zu sehen. Sie ist Mitbegründerin der in Amsterdam ansässigen Plattform „Animu“, welche sich damit beschäftigt neue Technologie und Tanz zu erforschen.




“I have rarely met a practitioner that is so focused and yet open and welcoming. Anastasia listens and explores together with you and as such she easily creates positive energy that allows to transform. I have felt the long term benefits her treatments have given me and I am grateful for having had the opportunity to be treated by her. I can recommend to anyone interested in Rolfing to seek her out and try for themselves.” - JASPER

“Anastasia is amazing. She listens at a deep level to your body, and knows what it needs for excessive tension to be relaxed. She helped me with many complaints where regular science (physiotherapy, a general practitioner) couldn't relieve my physical complaints.